The Zcash Foundation’s primary source of income is the Zcash Dev Fund.

The Zcash Community created the Dev Fund in late 2020 as a means of funding ongoing development of the Zcash protocol by the Zcash Foundation, the Electric Coin Company, and the Zcash Community Grants program (previously known as ZOMG).

Annually, the Zcash Foundation receives approximately 65,745 ZEC from the Dev Fund. In addition, the Foundation annually receives 105,192 ZEC as a restricted donation which may only be disbursed as Zcash Community Grants.

We're committed to transparency:

We release quarterly reports that describe our income and expenditure, with a detailed breakdown of our expenses, and a snapshot of the Foundation’s financial position, in terms of liquid assets and liabilities that must be met using those assets. Our quarterly transparency reports can be found below.

Prior to the Dev Fund, the Zcash Foundation received its funds from individual donors, most of whom were recipients of the Zcash Founders’ Reward.

Previous Donors:


+ Least Authority Enterprises:  217,856.550137 ZEC. Here is Least Authority’s pledge agreement.


+ Alan Fairless, Andrew Miller, Ariel Gabizon, and Jack Gavigan are the other donors that are recipients of the Founders’ Reward for a total of 11,606.33955 ZEC.


+ In 2018, the Blockchain Institute donated 125,000 USD as matching funds for the grant program.


We are grateful for the generous contributions of our donors. Without them, our work would not be possible.