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Zcon2 Lite Schedule

Click here to register. Join the Zcon2 Lite Discord Server to ask speakers questions, and engage with other attendees. Subscribe to the Zcash Foundation’s YouTube channel to watch the

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A New Network Stack For Zcash

In the Foundation’s engineering roadmap for 2020, we overviewed our plans for Zebra, our Rust implementation of Zcash. Announced last summer at Zcon1, Zebra aims to support

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Introduction The Zcash Foundation is happy to support independent Zcash meetup groups throughout the world. We want to make it easier for community members to

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Scaleable Privacy and Threats

Ian Miers’ Zcon0 presentation on the importance of financial privacy, and how technology can be used to achieve it, is now available as a professionally edited video.

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Zcon0 Schedule

Day 1 8AM-9AM Breakfast 8AM-8:50AM Registration 9AM-9:10AM Opening Remarks Josh Cincinnati 9:10AM-9:30AM Keynote Zooko Wilcox 9:30AM-9:55AM From Zerocoin To Zcash Matthew Green 9:55AM-10:20AM A History of Zcash Nathan Wilcox 10:20AM-10:35AM Coffee Break 10:35AM-11AM Cultivating Sapling Sean Bowe 11AM-11:20AM Defining

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