Funding for Protocol Development & Ecosystem Support

Funding is available for teams working to improve Zcash, and further financial privacy on the Zcash network and beyond. There are currently two funding gateways within the Zcash ecosytem: open grants and invite-only grants.


1. Zcash Community Grants:

This program funds independent teams to perform major ongoing development (or other work) that benefits the Zcash ecosystem. Grants are chosen by a five-person committee elected by the Zcash community. Teams and organizations that are interested in advancing the usability, security, privacy and adoption of Zcash are strongly encouraged to apply for a Zcash Community Grant.

2. Zcash Foundation Grants

ZOMG (Zcash Open Major Grants)
While the Zcash Community Grants program caters strictly to projects that strive to further the Zcash Ecosystem, Zcash Foundation grants fund projects beyond Zcash that contribute to the Foundation’s goal of financial privacy. Zcash Foundation grants are awarded by invitation only. Unsolicited grant requests are not accepted at this time.
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