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Zcash Minor Grants
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Minor Grants Applications

In February, we announced a new, experimental Zcash Foundation (ZF) grants program, nicknamed “Minor Grants”, for smaller grants of up to $25,000. We’re pleased to

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Scaling Tor with Walking Onions

Recently, the Zcash Foundation announced a grant to The Tor Project to fund the specification of the Walking Onions protocol. In this post, we’ll talk about why Walking

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ZF Grants 2.0

We last updated you on Zcash Foundation grants in June. At the time, we had just debuted ZF Grants, the community funding platform that Grant.io built for us. It’s

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Two Bounties Awarded and a ZF Grants Update

Since our mainnet grants platform was released two weeks ago, community members have submitted seven intriguing proposals and numerous feature requests. The Foundation is excited to see the burgeoning interest

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