Minor Grants applications

Zcash Minor Grants

In August, we invited applications for the second round of the Zcash Minor Grants program. This program is aimed at individuals and teams who are seeking funding of up to $25,000 for work that benefits Zcash, or other approaches to financial privacy, in line with our charitable purpose. The total budget for this round of Minor Grants is $75,000.

Minor Grant applications are submitted to a poll of the Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP). To be eligible for funding, applications must receive greater than 50% approval in the poll, and grants will be funded in order of priority determined by the level of ZCAP’s approval, and as the total budget ($75,000) permits.

We’re pleased to present 20 applications that were submitted to this round of the Minor Grants program. Below are the links to the grant applications (in PDF format), listed in alphabetical order:

You can also download a ZIP file containing all 20 PDFs (6MB). 

Later today, we will open a ZCAP poll to determine which of these applications will be funded. The poll will close at 09:00 UTC on 16th October 2023, and we will announce the results shortly afterwards. 

Good luck to all the applicants!