ZecWallet: New Name and Rapid Progress

Last November, the Zcash Foundation announced our ongoing financial support of zec-qt-wallet, an open-source application created by Aditya Kulkarni. The wallet is a shielded-first, cross-platform GUI that includes a full Zcash node.

Four days ago, zec-qt-wallet was renamed to become ZecWallet. The new name debuted alongside a shiny new logosoftware releasedocumentation website (created with help from Gareth Davies), and Twitter handle.

The Foundation funded a series of how-to videos about ZecWallet, which demonstrate the software’s functionality. Dimitris Apostolou made the videos.
Improvements to ZecWallet
Since we announced our partnership, ZecWallet has shipped additional features. The cleverly implemented Android app deserves special commendation. It’s a mobile companion wallet that connects seamlessly to your desktop ZecWallet node, enabling shielded transactions and memos on your Android phone.
And there’s more! The ZecWallet releases page shows how the application has broadened since November, 2018.
Recent ZecWallet upgrades range from macOS support, to SpanishPortuguese, French, and Italian localization, to Tor support, to address book importing, to a headless mode.
The Zcash Foundation is proud to fund Aditya Kulkarni’s work. We look forward to future ZecWallet development!

ZecWallet progress updates are available on Twitter and the Zcash Foundation’s general mailing list. For past overviews, see this thread and then this one.