Supporting zec-qt-wallet and an iOS Reference Wallet

The Zcash Foundation has formed agreements to financially support the ongoing development and maintenance of zec-qt-wallet, created by Aditya Kulkarni, and a new iOS reference wallet to be developed by Justin Smith, maker of X Wallet. zec-qt-wallet will continue with its existing license, and the iOS wallet will also be open source.

Wallets that are both full-featured and easy to use are critical for Zcash adoption. Open-source products, by virtue of being available for anyone to freely access, audit, or improve, have facilitated growth in the mainstream tech industry for decades. The cryptocurrency world, including the Zcash community, has strongly supported open-source infrastructure from the start.

zec-qt-wallet is a cross-platform wallet GUI and full node that encompasses support for shielded Sapling addresses. Next week, zec-qt-wallet will make a triple 1.0 release, adding MacOS to Linux and Windows for the first time. Soon MacOS users will be able to benefit from Kulkarni’s work building out this foundational infrastructure for Zcash usage.

X Wallet has served Monero users on iOS for a year, and its maker has proven a dedicated advocate for mobile wallet privacy. Smith gave a presentation at Zcon0 about X Wallet, including a UX scorecard to help fellow mobile wallet creators evaluate their approaches.

“Zcash is the perfect infrastructure for reducing ‘behind the scenes’ friction in mobile banking,” Smith said about today’s announcement, “and we’re excited to help make this new and greatly improved banking format more accessible to consumers.” He added, “This project takes us one step closer to the end of paper notes, and one step closer to digital money that merges the utility of cash and electronic bank transfers.”

In funding zec-qt-wallet and the upcoming iOS reference wallet, the Foundation is furthering its mission to create privacy infrastructure for the public good. We believe that financial systems that prioritize autonomy and consent are an essential human right. Both wallets will continue to enable this critical freedom, and the Zcash Foundation is proud to play a part in supporting the creators’ work.