ZconV & Zcon6

The Zcash Foundation (ZF) is excited to share our vision for the next two Zcon conferences: ZconV (virtual) in May 2024 and Zcon6 (in-person) tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2025. Get ready for impactful presentations and outcomes at ZconV, under the inspiring theme “Zcash Unified!” 


ZconV will be a virtual conference, happening online in early May 2024. It will be a celebration showcasing how the diversity of  individuals, organizations, and projects within the Zcash ecosystem contributes to its success and innovative spirit. Our goal is to open doors for inclusive and widespread participation from our global community, while maintaining our commitment to fiscal responsibility amidst the uncertainties surrounding the Dev Fund and market conditions.

Using the popular Whova web and mobile app, which received rave reviews during our last conference, ZconV will offer an interactive and dynamic platform for real-time Q&A, discussion boards, polls, chat, and video conferencing. Keep an eye on the ZconV webpage for continuous updates and ways to engage in these enriching discussions.


As for Zcon6 we plan to bring the Zcash Community together for an in-person event in Mexico City in early 2025. This gathering will focus on strategic planning and commitment to long-term projects, empowered by a clear understanding of available resources. The timing in Q1 2025 not only offers cost-effectiveness but also a warm and inviting atmosphere during the colder months in many parts of the world, adding an extra layer of appeal for attendees. Stay tuned for more details on Zcon6, including the exciting reasons behind choosing Mexico City, coming your way by the end of Q3 2024.

Join us for these two landmark events as we continue to propel Zcash into a bright and unified future!