Zcon1: June 22 – 24 in Split, Croatia

The Zcash Foundation is now taking applications for Zcon1, our second annual conference! This coming June, several hundred people will unite in Croatia to discuss how technology can ensure people’s privacy and freedom — today, tomorrow, and many years into the future.

The first day of Zcon1 will focus on the Zcash protocol and ecosystem. On the second day, we’ll examine other cryptocurrencies and applications that aim to preserve users’ privacy. The third day will address community and governance.

Apply for an invitation to Zcon1 by filling out the form on our website, also embedded at the end of this blog post. We’ll process your application as soon as we can. (If you received a registration code via email, then you’ll be able purchase a ticket immediately.)

As we did last year, the Foundation is screening potential attendees to make sure that we get an excellent mix of people. Don’t worry, no fancy credentials are required!

Zcon1 falls immediately after the crypto-focused Summer School in Šibenik, Croatia, making June an ideal time for privacy enthusiasts to visit the country and attend both events.

Interested in speaking or leading a workshop? Please follow the relevant prompts within the form, and we’ll get back to you. Speakers will have all expenses covered by the Foundation. If you’re a student or academic who needs financial assistance, or if you’re able to contribute funds to help someone else attend, the form also has you covered.

Still curious about what to expect from Zcon1? The recap of last year is a good teaser. However, the gathering is not only about listening to talks — it’s also about making and solidifying connections. Zcon1 attendees will be a collection of cryptographers, programmers, cryptocurrency miners, and cypherpunks of various flavors. Who could ask for better company?

That said, the crowd will be equally great at the Monero Konferenco in Denver, Colorado, which is scheduled for the same dates as Zcon1. (Unintentional overlap that surprised the organizers of both events.) June will be a banner month for “in real life” privacy advocacy!

Since the Konferenco will be livestreamed, we hope to broadcast the footage in one of the spaces at Zcon1. In addition, the Zcash Foundation will contribute the sum of $XMR needed to fully fund the Konferenco. It’s an event promoting the same goals and values that we hold dear, so we’re happy to be supporters. If additional opportunities for collaboration become apparent, we’ll pursue them to whatever extent is feasible.

That’s all! We’re excited to start reviewing Zcon1 applications! Get ready to ponder zero-knowledge proving schemes on the sunny Croatian coast.Registration is now closed. If you have any questions, please email: antonie@zfnd.orgPowered by Formstack