The Zcash Foundation Welcomes A New Ecosystem Relations Manager

The Zcash Foundation is happy to welcome Dan Wolande, who will be taking on yet another newly created role at ZF as its Ecosystem Relations Manager. In this role, Dan will take over some of the administrative tasks that the ZOMG is currently responsible for. Such tasks include but are not limited to: screening grants for basic omissions/errors/clarifications prior to ZOMG review, acting as liaison between ZOMG and grant recipients, monitoring grant progress, coordinating updates to the grants platform, and working with the recently-hired Head of Communications to promote the ZOMG program and the outcomes it creates.

Dan, known to the Zcash community as @decentralistdan on Twitter and on the forums, has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2017. He has been an active community member of both the Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems, and over the last three years he has focused almost exclusively on the Zcash ecosystem and its community.

A few interesting facts about Dan:

  • Dan started ZcashZeal, a Zcash community-focused Twitter account and blog.
  • Zcash community members also voted for Dan to become one of the first forum moderators.
  • Dan ran for the inaugural ZOMG committee last year.
  • Dan is a Zcash Community Advisory Panel member.

Prior to joining ZF, Dan’s work experience has been in the broadcasting industry – where he has spent the last decade working in Network television doing audio visual production. In addition, he has four years governance experience as an elected official to the Board of Trustees for his local 501c3 union.

Dan’s work with ZcashZeal will continue and expand in his new role. Moreover, on behalf of ZF, Dan will work towards fostering stronger community relations by engaging with the Zcash community on the different ZF platforms, engaging frequently with members of the ZCAP, as well as with other Zcash ecosystem stakeholders.

Please join us in welcoming Dan to the Zcash Foundation!