The Zcash Foundation Welcomes A New Head of Communications

The Zcash Foundation Welcomes a New Head of Communications

The Zcash Foundation is pleased to welcome Winfred K. Mandela – who will be taking on a newly created role at the Foundation as its Head of Communications. In this role Winfred will lead all Foundation communications activities, from creating and distributing consistent reporting, to supporting ZOMG in promoting major grants.

Over the past five years, Winfred has remained dedicated to blockchain projects, linking their innovations to customer-focused operations to build brands, create customer awareness and to drive customer preference for blockchain as a beneficially disruptive technology. Winfred has also been an active advocate for blockchain, presenting blockchain use-cases at high level events including those organized by the United Nations. During her time in the space, Winfred has had success on business development fronts, helping blockchain projects identify and secure grants from governing bodies and financial institutions.

A true blockchain enthusiast, Winfred’s entry into the space was in fact as a trader. For several years now, she has been active on various financial markets and enjoys spending a lot of her free time analyzing trends for opportunity. In her role at the Foundation, Winfred is excited to tackle all things communications, and has already expressed determination to bring the Foundation’s communicative practices to greater heights.

Alex Bornstein, the Foundation’s COO, said the following: “The Foundation is very excited about Winfred joining our team. She brings a wealth of communications experience as well as passion for Zcash and the blockchain space overall. In addition, she understands the Foundation’s role in the Zcash community and she is eager to immediately increase the quality and quantity of our reporting and information sharing. The entire Foundation team is looking forward to working with Winfred to make an impactful contribution to the Zcash community.”

Welcome, Winfred!