Zebra 1.6.0 Release

The Zcash Foundation is pleased to announce the release of Zebra version 1.6.0. This release exposes the shielded scanning functionality through an initial version of a gRPC server. You can find the documentation outlining how to interact with this gRPC interface in the Zebra Book. Please note that due to this new gRPC server, building Zebra now depends on protoc

With this release we have also been making improvements to simplify the Docker images that we share. We now provide a number of new docker-compose files to make it easier to run, test and develop on Zcash using Zebra. docker-compose.test enables anyone developing on Zebra to easily run CI locally, using a similar approach to what is run through GitHub Actions. We also want to make it easy for users to use Zebra and Lightwalletd without the risk of losing their cached states, so we are now providing docker-compose.lwd to run zebrad with lightwalletd.

You can see a full copy of the v1.6.0 Release Notes on GitHub.