Zebra 1.5.0 Release

The Zcash Foundation is pleased to announce the release of Zebra version 1.5.0.

This release includes a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) implementation of shielded scanning, with a new “zebra-scan” crate and behind an experimental “shielded-scan” feature. This marks the first step towards full support for shielded scanning in Zebra and we’re excited to continue building out the functionality. Ongoing development is tracked in issue #7728.    

Important Security Warning

This new feature is for experimental use only and has known security issues. We recommend that you do NOT use regular or sensitive viewing keys with Zebra’s experimental scanning feature. You should also NOT use this feature on a shared machine. If you do want to try this out, we suggest that you generate new keys for experimental use.

Also included in this release:

  • A fix for a panic that was introduced in Zebra v1.4.0, which happens in rare circumstances when reading cached sprout or history trees.
  • Further improvements to how Zebra recovers from network interruptions and prevents potential network hangs.
  • Improvements to limit the ability of synthetic nodes to spread throughout the network through Zebra, to address some of the Ziggurat red team report.

As of this release, Zebra requires Rust 1.73 to build.

You can see a full copy of the v1.5.0 Release Notes on github.