Zcon3 Event Announcement

Zcon3 is headed to Vegas! The Zcash Foundation is excited to announce that Zcon3 will be held in-person, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, from August 7-9. Zcon3 will also have a virtual component, so that community members who are unable to attend in-person, can still be an active part of the event.

The theme for this year’s Zcon event is, “Code Alone Doesn’t Cut It.” We want to highlight the quality of not only the development, research, and technology of Zcash, but also the vibrant community and ecosystem that is being built around the Zcash protocol. Innovation requires adoption in order to fulLll the promise of Zcash, and at the Zcash Foundation, we believe that it’s time for the Zcash community to think beyond code and bring our message of “privacy for the public good” directly to the people.

We’re looking forward to welcoming the Zcash community to connect, learn, and share your knowledge and insights with fellow Zcash enthusiasts and other privacy-focused individuals. 

How do I attend Zcon3 in person?

ZF reviews all attendance request forms to ensure that Zcon3 will be a productive and inclusive event with opportunities for all attendees to learn and connect with each other. Don’t worry, no fancy credentials are required!

Scholarship, payment, and accommodation group rate information is shared only once an individual’s registration has been reviewed and accepted by ZF. In order to attend Zcon3 in person:

1. Complete this Zcon3 Attendance Request Form.

2. ZF will review your response and get back to you with scholarship, payment, and room reservation information within 10 working days of your submission.

What is the timeline for registration and what are the costs?

  • Early bird registration ends on Monday, May 30 09:00 UTC. $500 USD per ticket (with an availability of scholarships). Tickets can be purchased with credit cards, Paypal or shielded ZEC.
  • Regular registration ends once all 175 tickets are claimed. $600 USD per ticket.

Participation is limited to 175 attendees and we anticipate tickets will go fast so register today!

When will the Zcon3 program be available?

We expect to start announcing speakers by early June. The recap of last year’s virtual conference can give you an idea of the types of presentation subjects and speakers to expect.

What does the ticket price cover?

Your ticket price covers:

  • Entry into all Zcon3 sessions
  • Breakfast and lunch from August 7-9
  • A Welcome Reception and Dinner on August 7th
  • A cocktail reception on August 8th

Attendees are responsible for booking bights and accommodation at the Palms (discounted group rates are


What is the criteria for receiving a scholarship?

Demonstrated need, unique lived and educational experience, and participation in the Zcash community will all be considered when evaluating scholarship requests. Scholarships of up to $1,500 USD are available for those that meet the criteria and go through our KYC process.

How will ZF assist attendees who require a visa to attend Zcon3?

ZF will provide attendees with a visa letter and supporting documentation so appropriate visas can be secured. Attendees are responsible for scheduling B1 visa interviews at their local US embassy or consulate (we recommend scheduling interview for June or early July).

What should I bring?

Some things to consider when packing to attend Zcon3:

  • August in Las Vegas can be VERY hot! You’ll be comfortable within the hotel and meeting spaces but caution


  • should be taken when exploring outside of the venue.


  • Las Vegas is at a high altitude which can cause dehydration and other issues if you’re not used to the elevation. Stay hydrated!


  • Many venues, including several we’ll be utilizing, require “business casual” attire. As per the hotel: The Hotel nightlife venues have evening dress codes. Fashionable attire is required in these venues, and the following items are not allowed: shorts, tank tops, baseball caps, bathing suit attire, open toe shoes for men, hats, sweatpants, inappropriate logo attire, and excessively torn attire. The dress code is in place to ensure the enjoyment of all guests.


  • There is no dress code for the Zcon3 sessions but we ask that attendees refrain from wearing any clothing that could be considered inappropriate or ofensive to other attendees.


  • Discord will be used to engage with other in-person and virtual attendees and to ask questions during sessions. A laptop is recommended to fully participate in all sessions.


How can I participate in Zcon3 if I’m unable to attend in person?

ZF is committed to providing the Zcash community with opportunities to participate in Zcon3 whether you are attending the event in person or remotely. Many sessions will be live-streamed, some will be posted online with a delay. Discord will continue to be a hub for discussion and submitting questions for each session, and there will be multiple Twitter Spaces and other forms of engagement and communication via social media.

What actions will ZF take to ensure Zcon3 attendees are comfortable and safe?

In order to fully control the environment for Zcon3 we decided to secure all of the meeting and breakout rooms within the Palms meeting space. By securing the entire meeting room wing we will be able to restrict access to non-Zcon3 individuals, utilize flexible spaces for presentations and ad-hoc meetings, provide “creative” spaces for broadcasting Twitter Spaces and other media engagement, co-working spaces, and we’ll be able to spread out to give attendees plenty of space. There is no smoking in the meeting space area or hotel (only on the casino boor) and the venue recently upgraded its air purification systems.

Why did ZF choose Las Vegas as the host city for Zcon3?

Las Vegas is accessible, accepting of diversity, generally affordable for air travel, and the city has become adept at operating safely at full capacity as the pandemic continues to affect group environments. Las Vegas will provide every Zcon3 attendee with opportunities that will add further value to attending Zcon3 in person.

Why did ZF choose the Palms as the host venue for Zcon3?

The Palms Casino Resort is perfectly suited to host Zcon3. The property underwent a $620 million renovation in 2019 and then closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic. As a result of this closure, the property feels brand new and Zcon3 will be one of the first events to be held in the refreshed space. From the hotel rooms to the casino boor to the incredible restaurants and clubs featured at the property, this will be a Zcon3 to remember.

Interesting fact: Palms Casino Resort is the only Native American owned casino in Las Vegas, with the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians having purchased the property in 2021.

Why did ZF choose these dates for Zcon3?

To add further value to attending Zcon3 in person, we decided to hold the event prior to DEF CON (August 11-14 at Caesars Forum) so that Zcon3 attendees can attend that conference as well.