Zcon Voices strives to share ZF’s expertise and resources with our global community.

The goal of Zcon Voices is supporting local, grassroots action that brings Zcash and financial privacy to communities that need it most. 

We have not made any new announcements for Zcon voices, please check back again soon.


Zcash Foundation

Our goal:

Our goal for Zcon Voices is to provide a venue and a platform for regional-specific conversation and education about strong use cases for Zcash and financial privacy. Conferences will be contextualized—organized by local groups, presented in the local language, and will focus on local opportunities and relevant challenges.

Zcon Voices events will complement ZF’s annual Zcon event, further expanding the surface area available for conversation, engagement and education throughout the Zcash ecosystem.

ZF will provide financial and logistical support for these events, but ultimately the content, location, and other details will be driven by our local partners. ZF looks forward to amplifying the voices of Zcashers in their local communities, regions, and beyond.

Zcon Vozes

The first event in the Zcon Voices series was Zcon Vozes, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on March 18th, 2023, delivered in Portuguese. This conference was held in partnership with Michael2xl, a former Zcash Ambassador, and his amazing Zcash Brazil crew, who previously received a separate grant for furthering Zcash Brazil’s impact.