Zcash Foundation’s Operational Support to the MGRC

Here is a description of the operational support that ZF will provide to the MGRC in accordance to ZIP 1014 and the Foundation’s obligations.

Target Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

According to ZIP 1014:

ZF SHALL strive to define target metrics and key performance indicators, and the Major Grant Review Committee SHOULD utilize these in its funding decisions.

Here are the Foundation’s initial thoughts on these KPIs.

Amendment to ZF Bylaws

The Foundation has established an amendment to its Bylaws formalizing the relationship between the MGRC and ZF.

Administrative Support

The MGRC has accepted the Zcash Foundation’s offer of administrative support to the grant committee. This support includes:

  • Take meeting minutes of MGRC meetings
  • Grants processing (paperwork, compliance, payment processing)
  • Grants tracking: create tasks, calendar events, todos, final evaluations, performance, etc

Operational Support

The Foundation is also providing the logistical support through its current grant platform, adjusted for the needs of the MGRC. The Foundation will continue to fund this platform.

Additionally, the Foundation will cover the custodial fees of the MGRC funds. The MGRC funds have been accumulating since November 18 and are visible here.

We look forward to working with the MGRC and building out the Zcash ecosystem.