Zcash Foundation Donation to Open Privacy

We have a happy announcement to share! The Zcash Foundation donated 1,044.41369 ZEC (equivalent to $40,000 USD at the time of donation) to Canadian nonprofit Open Privacy. Much like the Foundation, Open Privacy works on permissionless privacy tools for everyone and anyone.

ZF’s mission states, “We support the transition of Zcash into a large and healthy community with diverse stakeholders.” In other words, effective privacy advocacy requires collaboration, a virtual village of dedicated organizations and individuals. As ZF director of engineering George Tankersley told CoinDesk, “One of our goals … is to do more work with external users and even competitors of zcash and to allow that to drive our priorities going into 2020.”

The Foundation’s donation to Open Privacy was unrestricted, meaning that the organization can use the funding for any of its programs and activities. However, Open Privacy plans to continue previous experimentation with Zcash, which you can read about on the organization’s website as well as in CoinDesk’s article.

We’re excited to see what Open Privacy creates next!