Voting on Ballot Proposals and Board Candidates

The Zcash Foundation governance process has commenced! Members of the Community Governance Panel are now able to vote.

The deadline for voting is June 25th at 1500 UTC. You can review the ballot on Helios.

Discussion and feedback is welcome on the Zcash forum — please join in!

Here are the six proposals to evaluate:

The Community Governance Panel will also select two new board members for the Foundation, as well as a runner-up, via the approval voting method. Each voter will be able to endorse a maximum of three candidates.

Please peruse the potential board members’ self-nominations:

In addition to commenting on the forum, feel free to voice your thoughts on our listserv or in the community chat. If you prefer Twitter, the hashtag #ZcashFoundation will enable others to find you and participate in the conversation.