The Zcash Foundation Welcomes Jane and Teor

I’m thrilled to announce that the Zcash Foundation just hired two talented Rust Systems Engineers to help us meet the goals of our ambitious 2020 tech roadmap.

Meet Jane Lusby

Jane has worked as a C++ systems software engineer for embedded and distributed systems. Her professional experience is primarily in networking and storage technologies. Her past projects include work on Quadcopters, distributed sensor networks, and clustered hypervisors.

In her free time Jane has been most involved in the Rust open source community. She has contributed heavily to the rust error handling ecosystem. In addition she is a member of the clippy team, wg-traits, a regular tracing contributor, and maintains the awesome-rust-mentors project.

At the Foundation, Jane will be primarily focused on Zebra, our consensus-compatible Rust-rewrite Zcash node software, while she will also bring her extensive experience with the Rust community to guide future open source contribution and development strategy.

Meet Teor

Teor has worked as a software engineer and researcher on privacy-preserving protocols and large-scale anonymity networks, at The Tor Project and the University of New South Wales. Previously, they were a data analyst for grants management and fiat currency payment systems.

They are interested in distributed systems, network protocols, and the interactions between online and offline privacy. Their research and protocol design has focused on collecting privacy-preserving statistics, improving the performance and scalability of anonymity networks, and improving IPv6 support in anonymity protocols.

Teor is a core Tor community member, and has contributed to multiple privacy-related open-source projects. They also volunteer with local community groups to help them organise safely (with and without technology). They want to empower marginalised groups to use technology effectively, particularly those whose internet access is slow or unreliable.

At the Foundation, Teor will contribute to protocol design and implementation on the Cosmos Pegzone and Zebra projects. They are keen to work with the Zcash Foundation to help provide private, reliable digital monetary transactions, which are available worldwide.

Reorganizing our engineering team

In addition to these two great hires, George Tankersley is changing his role to become a Principal Cryptographic Engineer, and where he’ll be tackling our engineering challenges as an individual contributor. The engineering team (and our roadmap!) wouldn’t be here without George’s leadership over the last year, and I’m grateful for his contributions, his guidance, and his enthusiastic technical support — and excited to have him in a more hands-on role.

With three new full-time engineers you’ll see more rapid development of the Foundation’s in-house projects, and I look forward to sharing more frequent updates from this newly expanded team. Thanks, and welcome again to Teor and Jane!