The Zcash Foundation Welcomes A New CI/CD & DevOps Engineer

The Zcash Foundation is happy to welcome Gustavo Valverde, who will be taking on a newly-created role at ZF as a DevOps Engineer.

Gustavo has over ten years in information technology with experience in various fields, including information security, internal audit, business continuity, cloud architecture, DevOps, and product management. He has developed business continuity and disaster recovery plans development for financial institutions, built a DevOps culture at several startups, developed automated CI/CD workflows on complex teams, and supported critical infrastructures for SaaS solutions requiring high availability.

Gustavo loves continuous improvement and automation, and is eager to help with the automation of our development process and other DevOps-related subjects. He brings his hands-on experience using diverse technologies for platform management to help ZF build a DevOps culture.

Welcome, Dan!