The Zcash Foundation Welcomes a Core Engineer

We are delighted to announce that Deirdre Connolly has joined the Zcash Foundation as a Core Engineer. Deirdre has a BS from MIT and over 10 years of experience writing and deploying production-quality distributed systems at scale.

At the Zcash Foundation, Deirdre will be taking ownership of the all-Rust implementation of Zcash and turning it into a production-quality project, including a robust CI/CD pipeline for our testnet, continuous fuzzing infrastructure, and coordinating with the greater Zcash community on network upgrades to improve efficiency and security of the network.

Deirdre is also fascinated with (and an expert on!) isogeny-based cryptography and other quantum-resistant systems, and intends to follow such ongoing research that may apply to making Zcash’s cryptographic guarantees robust and secure in a future with large quantum computers.

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