The Zcash Foundation Audio/Visual Club

The Zcash Foundation is proud to support this ambitious grassroots project that aims to have global impact through local and regional actions. We can’t wait to see how this community of creators will learn and work together to elevate and disseminate news and stories that inspire, educate, and share the promise of Zcash and financial privacy. 

Thank you to Ryan Taylor for working with ZF to bring this project to life!

In Ryan’s own words:

We are a global collective of content creators who care about privacy, Zcash, and building community. Together we will build a space to share information, skills and resources to aid production and publishing of content that covers the topics we care about. We want stories told by the people who are closest to the action, sharing their passion and lived experiences to bring privacy education and Zcash to every part of the world. 

The ZF A/V Club will host regular online meetups and collaborate with local events to facilitate discussions on topics of interest to the global Zcash and privacy communities. With our focus on online audio/visual production this will be the time and place to learn more about the media needs and concerns of local Zcash and privacy-focused communities around the world and to take action. 

Events will be open and free, and could include many formats such as presentations, Q+A, AMA, workshops, troubleshooting, brainstorming or something else entirely. Every discussion, no matter which format, will maintain the Zcash focus on privacy as a topic and as a practice. Consent cannot be assumed.

The long-term goal of the ZF A/V Club is to establish a network of capable, ready and funded media producers to broadcast and share news about Zcash and privacy that is both locally relevant and globally consumed. 

Empower and Amplify

We are a global community of voices and experiences.Through community we will empower and amplify every individual to tell the Zcash story through their own perspective, on their own terms. We will foster resources and connections that motivate and support content creators so they can bring their unique voice to the global privacy conversation. 

We envision a web of connections speaking and creating in different languages, all feeding off of, and contributing to, the information and content shared by the ZF A/V Club. We will lift each other up and together we will build the momentum needed to bring Zcash and privacy to the world. Join us! 


Everyone is invited and welcome to be a part of the ZF A/V Club! Anyone with a passion for privacy who is interested in exploring new audio/visual and internet technology can attend meetups and participate to the degree of their own comfort. The ZF A/V Club is being launched and organized by Ryan Taylor with support from the Zcash Foundation. 

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