Board Minutes: September 3, 2021

Started at 4:06pm ET.

Directors present: Andrew Miller (left at 5pm), Matthew Green, Ian Miers, Amber Baldet, Jack Gavigan.

Foundation employees also present: Alex Bornstein (Secretary)

Topics discussed:

  1. Voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting (2 July 2021).
  2. Board voted to reappoint Andrew Miller, Matthew Green, and Peter Van Valkenburgh to new board terms.
  3. Board discussed the successful hire of the new Head of Communications and the Ecosystems Relations manager.
  4. Board discussed the upcoming ZOMG elections.
  5. Board discussed the results of the ZCAP priorities poll results, next steps, and the future of ZCAP.
  6. Board discussed relations with ECC.
  7. Board discussed the 37 Laines documentary project recently funded by ZOMG and how to best support this project.

Meeting closed at 5:40pm ET