Results of the ZCG Election (December 2022)

The ZCAP poll to elect four members of the Zcash Community Grants committee closed early this morning, and the results are in.

  • Jason McGee (aquietinvestor on the forum): 105 votes
  • Wobbzz: 91 votes
  • Michael Harms (Brunchtime on the forum): 81 votes
  • Amber (Ambimorph on the forum): 80 votes
  • GGuy: 64 votes
  • Angst01: 56 votes
  • Thor Torrens (mowealth28e on the forum): 46 votes
  • ZcashKR: 31 votes

Jason McGee, Wobbzz, and Michael Harms are therefore re-elected to the committee, and they will be joined by new member Amber O’Hearn. Congratulations to them all!

Thank you to all the candidates who ran for election. It says a lot about the strength and vibrancy of the Zcash community to have such a great slate of candidates. We hope to see some of you throwing your hat in the ring again in the next election, which will take place at the end of June.

This election sees the departure of Adi (aiyadt on the forums), who was elected to the committee a year ago but decided against seeking re-election in order to focus on the roadmap for Nighthawk Wallet and grow the Nighthawk team. Adi’s technical background made him a valuable member of the ZCG Committee. We want to thank him on behalf of the Foundation, and the broader Zcash community for his service.