Results of the December 2023 ZCAP Poll

In December, we opened a Helios poll of the Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP) to elect three members of the Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) committee, to decide whether ZIP 1014 should be amended to provide ZCG committee members with a stipend from the Major Grants slice of the Dev Fund, and to gather community sentiment on the question of whether the Dev Fund should be replaced after it expires in late 2024.

The poll closed this morning and the results are in.

Elections to the Zcash Community Grants Committee

The results of the ZCG election are as follows:

  • Jason McGee – 111 votes
  • Michael Harms – 96 votes
  • Amber O’Hearn – 89 votes
  • Roosevelt Gordones – 69 votes
  • Kworks – 45 votes

Congratulations to Jason, Michael and Amber, who are duly reappointed to the ZCG Committee. Thank you also to Roosevelt and Kworks for volunteering to serve the Zcash community.

​​Funding ZCG Committee Members’ Stipend

The poll respondents voted in favour of amending ZIP 1014 to provide a stipend of $115 USD per hour (up to a monthly maximum of $1,725 USD) to be paid in ZEC to ZCG Committee members from the Major Grants slice of the Dev Fund, with 99 votes in favour versus 39 against.

We will therefore draft an appropriate amendment to ZIP 1014.

Assessing Community Sentiment Regarding the Future of Zcash Ecosystem Funding

To help obtain more clarity regarding the future of funding in the Zcash ecosystem, we put the following question to ZCAP: In principle, would you support the introduction of a new funding mechanism to replace the current Dev Fund when it expires in November 2024? 

111 respondents voted Yes, and 27 respondents voted No.

We look forward to seeing further discussion and proposals from the community in the coming weeks about what form a new funding mechanism might take.