Registration is Open for ZconV: May 6th-10th!

Registration is now open for ZconV, taking place virtually from May 6th-10th, 2024. This year’s theme is Zcash: Unified, which will be focused on key community-driven topics inspired by conversations that have surfaced across the Community over the past year. 

The Zcash Community is already strongly unified around the profound value and fundamental necessity of privacy and decentralization. We are unwavering in our commitment to move the protocol forward and know that working together is the best way to bring Zcash into the future. ZconV is an opportunity for these overarching convictions to guide us as we dare to have bold, respectful, vital discussions about the future and direction of Zcash. ZconV offers an opportunity to shed more light on what we as a Community can expect between now and a Dev Fund decision, how we can unify around current and future work, and what the future of Zcash might look like in this context.

Each ZconV conference session will challenge us with a call to action, an opportunity to become more deeply aligned and involved in critical projects and community initiatives that continue to catapult Zcash into the world as financial privacy infrastructure for the public good. We invite you to register for ZconV today! Registration is free (gratis) and only requires a username and email address. By registering you will have access to the ZconV app, Whova, which will be our central platform for community discussion and livestreaming for ZconV. Come meet fellow Community members, ask speakers questions and join Community Board discussions – or start one of your own!