Board Minutes: October 30, 2019

Started at 3:00pm ET.

Directors present: Andrew Miller, Matthew Green, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Ian Miers.

Foundation employees also present: Josh Cincinnati, Antonie Hodge, George Tankersley.

Topics discussed:

  1. Level of board guidance: Discussed current state of board involvement in daily management of the Executive Director and other staff members and what optimal levels of involvement look like to guarantee a healthy and productive organization.
  2. Technical Roadmap: Discussed the current state of the newly-drafted roadmap. Present members brought up questions for George who clarified on software + user choice, RPC interface, build influence in potential forks and full node codebase. Voted 4-0 to make roadmap public.
  3. Strategy: Reaffirmed original strategic goals behind the node project, added focus on giving users the opportunity and ability to fork as a governance back-stop.