Board Minutes: November 15, 2018

Started 2pm ET.

Board members in attendance: Andrew Miller, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Ian Miers, Matt Green

Foundation employees also present: Josh Cincinnati, Antonie Hodge

Topics discussed:

  • Zcon1 venue selection.
  • Form 990 submitted and accepted by IRS.
  • Tentative budget approved for 2019, vote 4-0 in favor.
  • Discussion of personnel and hiring.
  • Current research and development contracts in process.
  • Treasury policy / internal controls, vote 4-0 in favor for new policy.
  • Vote 4-0 in favor to remove president/secretary duties from bylaws, ED to draft bylaw for future vote.
  • Public Charity vs Private Foundation.
  • January 2019 target for updated roadmap/vision plan.