Moving Forward: Addressing the ZOMG’s Seat Vacancy

This weekend, Sarah Jamie Lewis announced her resignation from the ZOMG committee (formerly known as the MGRC). Sarah is a talented individual who has played an active role within the Zcash ecosystem. The Foundation would like to thank Sarah for her contributions to Zcash, and looks forward to her continuing important work on financial privacy at Open Privacy.

Sarah’s resignation raises the question of how to fill the vacant seat on the ZOMG. The Foundation is aware that these actions will potentially set precedence for ZOMG governance procedures.

The Foundation has discussed this with the Electric Coin Company, and the remaining members of the ZOMG committee. We have decided to move forward as laid out below:

ZIP1014 states:

Major Grants awards are subject to approval by a five-seat Major Grant Review Committee. The Major Grant Review Committee SHALL be selected by the ZF’s Community Advisory Panel or successor process.

The original five members of the ZOMG committee were selected by a poll of the Community Advisory Panel in September 2020.

The poll also had runner ups. The Foundation has reached out to the 6th place candidate, David Campbell, to see if he would have an interest in filling the 5th committee seat. Unfortunately, due to other obligations, David is unable to take the seat, and has therefore declined.

The next runner up is ML_Sudo. ML has accepted the position, and will join the ZOMG pronto. ML will participate in the next formal ZOMG meeting, on Wednesday, February 3.

As with any fledgling governance process, there will be bumps in the road. I hope that the community takes this incident as a learning opportunity to address the challenges we face, and to move forward together, united by the common goal of building a truly decentralized, private, and censorship-resistant financial system.