Board Minutes: June 28, 2018

Started 3pm EDT

Board members in attendance: Amber Baldet, Andrew Miller, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Ian Miers, Matt Green

Foundation employees also present: Josh Cincinnati (virtually), Antonie Hodge, Sonya Mann

Prior to the meeting, Yan Zhu and Naval Ravikant resigned over email. The remaining Board members unanmiously voted for Amber Baldet and Ian Miers to take the open Board seats.

Topics discussed:

  1. Interfacing and collaboration with the Zcash Company going forward, with a focus on the June 29 joint retreat.
  2. How to appropriately create resources that will be relevant to regulators, given the legal constraints of a 501(c)(3). Reference point: The historical and ongoing “Crypto Wars.”
  3. Who to enlist for the creation of such resources. Example topic: “What does strong privacy look like for domestic abuse victims?”
  4. Possible branding, web development, and graphic design vendors.
  5. How to balance usability development with other priorities.
  6. Ideal potential longevity for the Foundation. Josh Cincinnati, paraphrased: Our goal is to be one of many stakeholders in a broader ecosystem, and we should exist long enough to become irrelevant / unnecessary.
  7. Budgeting for technical hiring and development, especially with respect to eliminating single points of failure.