June 2022 ZCAP Expansion

We previously announced a plan to expand the Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP) ahead of the upcoming Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) committee election. Following this expansion, the panel now consists of 140 people (listed below), including 34 new members. 

There were several nominations that missed the deadline (three), or where vetting is not yet complete (two). We expect to add these nominees to ZCAP after the election is complete.

In two cases, vetting raised questions or concerns that resulted in the nomination being rejected. In both cases, the ZCAP member who made the nomination agreed with the decision to reject their nominee. 

We are committed to continuing to expand ZCAP, and to making it more independent and representative of the Zcash community. We invite community members to share their ideas and suggestions for how we can best achieve this.  

Please note that, as of September 2022, the current list of ZCAP members can be found here

Name(Optional) Public Attestation
1337bytes (on the forum) 
Aaron Chambers 
Aditya Kulkarni 
aiyadt (on the forum)https://twitter.com/aiyadt/status/1165764968928731137
AJ Lloyd 
Alfredo Garcia 
Amber Baldet 
Amber O’Hearn 
Andrew Millerhttps://twitter.com/socrates1024/status/1165005068715864064
Angst01 (on the forum) 
aristarchus (on the forum) 
artkor (on the forum) 
Aurelien Nicolas 
Autotunafish (on the forum) 
Ayo Akinyelehttps://twitter.com/ja_akinyele/status/1165028854534217737
Charlie O’Keefe 
Chelsea Komlo 
Chris Burniske 
Christina Garman 
Christopher Goes 
Cody Burns 
Colleen Swanson 
Conrado Gouvea 
CuriousCoffee (on the forum) 
Daira Hopwoodhttps://twitter.com/feministPLT/status/1165192424030969856
Daniel Benarrochhttps://twitter.com/BenarrochDaniel/status/1165060154250932224
David Boyer 
Dean Tribble 
DecentralistDan (on the forum) 
Deirdre Connolly 
dismad (on the forum) 
dontbeevil (on the forum)https://twitter.com/dontbeevil__/status/1166095444092452864
Dr-El-Don (on the forum) 
Elena Giralt 
Eran Tromer 
Eric Vaughn 
fireice_uk (on the forum) 
Fred (on the Zcash Community group on Telegram) 
Gareth Davies 
Gerald Nash 
GGuy (on the forum) 
Gijs Van Laer 
Gordon Mohrhttps://twitter.com/gojomo/status/1167109857440223233
Hameed (on the forum) 
hanh (on the forum) 
Hanu Dixit 
Harry Halpin 
Hatem Mohamed 
Holmes Wilson 
Howard Loohttps://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/community-advisory-panel-2019/34710/83
Hudson Jamesonhttps://twitter.com/hudsonjameson/status/1166752727558316037
Ian Miershttps://twitter.com/secparam/status/1166762890579329024
in4crypto (on the forum) 
Jack Gavigan 
Jack Grigghttps://twitter.com/str4d/status/1166100850013552645
Jacob Nulty 
James Kirksey 
James Burrell 
Jason McGee 
Jason Davies 
Jay Ranger 
Jesse Fornear 
John Akinyele 
John Lighthttps://twitter.com/lightcoin/status/1165174101050372096
Jonathan Hales 
Joris (on the forum) 
Joseph Van Geffen 
Josh Swihart 
Josh Harvey 
kek (on the forum) 
Kobi Gurkanhttps://twitter.com/kobigurk/status/1166082122056175618
Kris Nuttycombe 
lawzec (on the forum) 
Liz Steininger 
Luke Parker 
Madars Virzahttps://twitter.com/MadarsV/status/1166936046489280512
Mandeep Bhalothia 
Marcella Hastings 
Mario Laul 
Matthew Green 
Maximilian Roszko 
Michael(Zcash Global Ambassador)
Michael Harms 
Michelle Lai 
mistfpga (on the forum) 
Mitchell Krawiec-Thayerhttps://twitter.com/Mitchellpkt0/status/1167513702779760649
Natasha Mynhier 
Neal Jayuhttps://twitter.com/NealJayu/status/1165752937274064897
Nick Sullivan 
Paige (on the forum) 
Parker Ruhstaller 
Peter Van Valkenburgh 
Phil Slobodianhttps://twitter.com/ZoryaSl/status/1167300609277452288
Philipp Jovanovic 
pitmutt (on the forum) 
Piyush Sharma 
Proof_Of_Tartiflette (on the forum) 
Rekodi (on the forum) 
Saleem Rashid 
Sasha Meyer 
Scott Moorehttps://twitter.com/notscottmoore/status/1166306619245977603
Sean Bowe 
Sean Kelly 
SirHODL (on the forum) 
Skylar Saveland 
Spectre (on the forum) 
Steven Smith 
Sunny (on the Zcash Community group on Telegram) 
Taylor Hornby 
Thor Torrens 
Timothy Khoury 
tm3k (on the forum) 
tokidoki (on the forum) 
Trends(Zcash Global Ambassador)
Vanishree Rao 
Vincent Marchese 
Vitalik Buterin 
vkbdev (on the forum) 
Vlad (on the Zcash Community group on Telegram) 
Vladimir Dinevhttps://twitter.com/VladVladVlad01/status/1166007652754874369
Winfred K. Mandela 
wobbzz (on the forum) 
yawnbox (on the forum) 
Ying Tong Lai 
Yoditar (on the forum)(Zcash Global Ambassador)
z.yodler (on the forum) 
zancas (on the forum) 
zecretary (on the forum) 
Ziga (on the forum) 
Zoz (on the forum)