Farewell, Janito

Janito joined the Foundation last June, and, over the past eleven months, he has proven himself to be a valuable member of the Foundation team. Janito contributed his significant Rust expertise to the Zebra project while also championing the Foundation’s inclusive and collaborative culture. 

During his time at the Foundation, Janito was lauded for his ability to go deep into the code, resulting in changes that made certain important tasks easier, like writing tests. His ability to share legacy and new knowledge with the Foundation team was also appreciated. 

Janito is departing the Foundation to join a blockchain startup within the privacy space where he will have an opportunity to apply his considerable expertise to a brand new venture.  

Thank you, Janito, for not only contributing your Rust expertise to the Foundation’s Zebra project, but also for being a great teammate, collaborator, and ambassador for the Foundation and Zcash overall. We wish Janito the best of luck in his new role!