Board Minutes: December 6, 2019

Started at 3:05pm ET.

Directors present: Andrew Miller, Matthew Green, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Ian Miers, Amber Baldet.

Foundation employees also present: Josh Cincinnati, Antonie Hodge.

Topics discussed:

  1. 2020 Budget: tabled until next meeting.
  2. Code of conduct: Discussed and voted 5-0 to add clause to the employee manual code of conduct.
  3. Internal communications: agreed on Slack for all board communications going forward. If necessary will reassess at next meeting.
  4. Dev Fund: Discussed current proposals, looked to combining requests. Voted 5-0 to support ZIP 1012 (Eran’s) while incorporating pieces from ZIP 1010 (Josh’s). In later Slack discussion, Board voted 4-1 to post updated ZIP, collect feedback from community/ECC, then put up modified ZIP to a final, combined forum+CAP Helios vote. Board voted 5-0 for newly updated ZIP 1012 based on community feedback.