Board Minutes: November 28, 2022

Started at 5:05 pm ET. 

Directors present: Andrew Miller, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Matthew Green, Jack Gavigan, Amber Baldet (joined at 5:15 pm ET)

Guests present: J.W. Verret (joined at 5:15 pm ET)

Foundation employees also present: Alex Bornstein (Secretary)

Topics discussed: 

  1. Approved October meeting minutes. 
  2. Voted J.W. Verret onto the board, effective immediately.
  3. Voted Marta Belcher onto the board. Marta’s term will begin once she formally accepts the appointment.
  4. Matthew Green resigned from the board, effective immediately. 
  5. Jack shared an operational update. 
  6. Scheduled the next board meeting for December.

Ended at 5:36 pm ET.