Board Minutes: February 11, 2022

Started at 3:06 pm ET. 

Directors present: Andrew Miller, Ian Miers, Amber Baldet, Matthew Green, Jack Gavigan. 

Foundation employees also present: Alex Bornstein (Secretary)

Ian Miers had to depart at 3:17pm. 

Topics discussed: 

  1. Jack provided an overview of the Foundation’s current team and discussed plans under consideration to add additional technical leadership support. 
  2. Jack provided an update on Zcon3 and the reasons behind the proposed change of venue from Canada to the US. 
  3. Jack provided an overview of the support ZF has provided to onboard the new Zcash Community Grants Committee, and he provided overviews of some recent challenges within the ecosystem.
  4. Jack presented specific actions to be undertaken to ensure full compliance with ZIP 1014.
  5. The board discussed the Zebra priorities and strategy document.
  6. The board discussed broader technical strategy and priorities (FROST, PoW, etc.) and prioritized actions.


Meeting closed at 4:10 pm ET