Announcing the Zcash Foundation Grant Program

We are proud to announce the first Zcash Foundation Grant Program—a natural extension of the Foundation’s three-pillar Mission to serve the community, protocol, and broader cryptographic science. We are looking for novel, underserved ideas worthy of ZEC grants, best described by the Call For Proposals:

“The scope of activities is broad, and can include: software development (e.g., wallet software, libraries, etc.), infrastructure development and maintenance (e.g., hosting forums and block explorer services, etc.), education and outreach, science and research, and many more.

The Zcash Foundation is a non-profit organization, and is therefore especially interested in funding proposals that are public goods and not obviously monetizable. We are not looking to fund startup companies that can seek crowdfunding or venture capital investing, or websites that sell advertising space. The intended scale is 1 to 6 person-months of effort, plus direct expenses such as servers and cloud services.”

Our theme for this round of grants sits staunchly in the first pillar of the Foundation’s Mission; namely for community development, and specifically for “community infrastructure.” There are many opportunities to build services and infrastructure to support the Zcash ecosystem, and we sincerely hope you consider applying. Want some help brainstorming or project ideas? Check our open Grant project wiki. Ideas should be submitted to the appropriate GitHub Issues page by September 15th, 2017—we can’t wait to see them.

You can read more about the Grant process in the open Call For Proposal here. The Foundation is especially grateful to the Grant Review Committee—Alex Biryukov, Eran Tromer, Gibson Ashpool, Vlad Zamfir, and Zaki Manian—for volunteering their time to review the proposals.

Beyond the Grant program, the Foundation will be ramping up its activities and outreach in the coming months, and we are excited to engage the community! Stay tuned.

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