Zebra 1.7.0 Release

The Zcash Foundation is pleased to announce the release of Zebra v1.7.0. With this release we have added a number of usability improvements, bug fixes and new features. 

Zebra now supports Regtest without proof-of-work validation. In order to support regtest network mode in Zebra, we have started to include some functionality to enable the creation of new networks with a configurable set of parameters.

We made changes that will allow Zebra nodes behind firewalls contribute to the P2P network by using the external address to communicate with peers. We have additionally made updates to ensure that zebra can build and run on Windows as a Tier 2 supported platform.

This release fixes a bug with the z_get_treestate RPC method which could potentially return data from different blocks and we have fixed a panic when the elasticsearch feature is enabled without a backing elasticsearch server.

Finally, we adjusted the Zebra release interval from 2 weeks to approximately 6 weeks, to match Rust stable release cadence.