Results of the ZCG Election & Second Exploratory Dev Fund poll

The ZCG Election & Second Exploratory Dev Fund poll has now closed and the results are in!

The purpose of this poll was to elect two members of the Zcash Community Grants committee, and to solicit input from the Zcash community regarding a potential future Dev Fund, with a view to drafting a formal proposal based on that feedback. 

Elections to the Zcash Community Grants Committee

The results of the ZCG election are as follows:

  • GGuy – 79 votes
  • Wobbzz – 73 votes
  • Peacemonger – 65 votes
  • Roosevelt Gordones (gordonesTV on the forum) – 63 votes
  • Samara – 52 votes
  • Chidi (lisa001 on the forum) – 41 votes
  • Kworks – 26 votes

Congratulations to GGuy and Wobbzz, who are duly reappointed to the ZCG Committee. Thank you to all the candidates for volunteering to serve the Zcash community.

Exploratory Dev Fund Poll & Survey

We included two questions alongside the ZCG election poll on Helios to gather further input from the community on the design of a proposal for a future Dev Fund.

The results of the Helios poll are as follows:

If the Dev Fund is renewed, it:

  • Should remain 20% of the block reward – 78 votes
  • Should be less than 20% of the block reward – 35 votes
  • Should be more than 20% of the block reward – 18 votes

If the Dev Fund is renewed, how long should it last for before having to be renewed again?

  • 1 year – 50 votes
  • 2 years – 81 votes

We also ran a Jotform survey to solicit community input regarding how the Dev Fund should be allocated between the recipients. While Helios is our preferred polling platform, it does not support arbitrary input by poll respondents. In this case, we want to allow ZCAP members to enter percentages to indicate how they believe the Dev Fund should be allocated. 

We asked the question: What percentage of a new Dev Fund should be allocated to each recipient?

67 people responded to the survey, and the average of their responses is as follows:

  • Bootstrap Project (parent of the Electric Coin Company): 28% (rounded up from 27.66)
  • Zcash Community Grants program: 40% (rounded down from 40.44)
  • Zcash Foundation: 32% (rounded up from 31.90)

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Helios poll and completed the survey. We will use these results to draft a proposal in the form of a proposed ZIP for the community’s to review and evaluate, alongside other proposals from ECC and community members. We plan to run a final run-off poll to determine whether any proposal has consensus support across the Zcash community.