Results of the First Exploratory Dev Fund poll

The first Exploratory Dev Fund poll has now closed and the results are in!

The purpose of this poll is to solicit input from the Zcash community regarding a potential future Dev Fund, with a view to drafting a formal proposal based on that feedback. 

To be clear: the purpose of this poll is not to reach a formal decision regarding what should happen in November. Instead, this poll is intended to solicit feedback from the community that ZF will then use to draft a proposal that can be evaluated and discussed alongside other proposals. 

The percentages displayed below are based on the total number of votes cast (140).

Q1: Should a new Dev Fund be put in place when the current Dev Fund ends in November 2024?

  • Yes – 100 votes (71.4%)
  • No – 40 votes (28.6%)

Q2: If there is to be a new Dev Fund, should its recipients’ allocations reduce over time, with the balance allocated to an Unissued Reserve, as proposed by GGuy?

  • Yes – 48 votes (34.3%)
  • No, recipients’ allocation should remain constant for the duration of the new Dev Fund. – 89 votes (63.6%)

Q3: If there is to be a new Dev Fund, how long should it last?

  • 1 year – 49 votes (35%)
  • 18 months – 3 votes (2.1%)
  • 2 years – 51 votes (36.4%)
  • 3 years – 7 votes (5%)
  • 4 years – 24 votes (17.1%)

Q4: Which organizations and programs should receive funding from a new Dev Fund?

We’ll now take some time – and give the community time – to digest, consider and discuss these results, along with the results of other polls that are being conducted across the community.

We plan to run a second exploratory poll alongside the ZCG committee election that will take place later this month.