Consulting the Zcash Community on Appointing a New Zcash Foundation Board Member

Today we began polling the Zcash Community Advisory Panel to obtain their advisory input regarding who should be appointed to the Zcash Foundation (ZF) board. 

In September, we invited the community to nominate candidates for a seat on the board. Two candidates were nominated: 

Both possess a wealth of relevant experience and expertise, and we are very lucky to have such well-qualified candidates willing to serve on the ZF board. 

Yesterday, Jay and Kurt took part in a Community Call to introduce themselves, and answer questions from the Zcash community. I encourage you to watch the video to get to know the candidates. 

The ZCAP poll will run until 09:00 UTC on November 21st. The results will be released shortly after the poll closes, and the ZF board will meet with the candidate who receives the most votes.