Board Minutes: March 26, 2021

Started at 4:30pm EST.

Directors present: Andrew Miller, Matthew Green, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Ian Miers, Amber Baldet.

Foundation employees also present: Jack Gavigan.

Topics discussed:

  1. Voted unanimously to accept the new Bylaws Amendment 4.
  2. Voted unanimously to appoint Jack Gavigan to the board.
  3. Voted unanimously to appoint Jack Gavigan as Secretary.
  4. Voted unanimously to contribute towards the cost of an audit of the Orchard spec by QEDIT, to be coordinated by ECC.
  5. Executive Director provided the board with updates on:
    1. Progress on recruitment of engineers and a Chief Operating Officer
    2. Progress on the Zebra node project
    3. Status of Network Upgrade 5 (Orchard)
    4. Status of FROST research

Meeting closed at 5:30pm ET