Board Minutes: June 25, 2021

Started at 4pm EST.

Directors present: Andrew Miller, Matthew Green, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Ian Miers, Amber Baldet, Jack Gavigan.

Foundation employees also present: Alex Bornstein.

Topics discussed:

  1. Voted unanimously to appoint Alex Bornstein as Secretary.
  2. Voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting (26 March 2021)
  3. Board discussed meeting frequency and agreed that there should be bi-monthly board meetings, with an informal, attendance-optional update meeting in the off-month
  4. Operational & Financial update
  5. Update on Zebra
    1. The ETA for Zebra being an actively-participating node on the Zcash network (e.g. relaying transactions and blocks, maintaining a mempool, but no mining, no wallet or transaction creation functionality) is 18th October
  6. Board agreed to meet again on 2nd July.

Meeting closed at 5:25pm ET