Grant Proposal Spotlight and Roundup

On September 15th, the Zcash Foundation Grant Program Call For Proposals were closed for submission. Since then, public discussion has begun in earnest!

By the Numbers

The Zcash Foundation and Grant Review Committee were thrilled with the community response. We received 29 Grant Proposals for the $80,000 in ZEC grants, of which 27 remain active and open to discussion from the public. We received proposals for Zcash research, outreach, UX, wallet work, and much more. All of them are worth discussing, but I thought I’d offer a sample to give casual followers of the Zcash Foundation an idea of what to expect from the grants:

Alternative Fully-Validating Node Written in Rust

Jason Davies submitted this proposal to build an alternative Zcash client in Rust (the current reference client is written in C++). Multiple client implementations are a hotly debated issue in cryptocurrencies, and there’s some great discussion in the issue.

Zcash Plug-and-Play Full Node Software on Bitseed

John Light submitted a proposal for funding to provide Zcash compatibility with Bitseed—an effort to make financial sovereignty plug-and-play.

Empirical analysis of the Zcash blockchain

Two groups submitted proposals related to analysis of Zcash’s transaction graph—specifically measuring the privacy of a system with both transparent and shielded addresses. Daniel Feher submitted this propsal while hkalodner submitted one here.

Enhancements to the Zcash Desktop GUI Wallet

Vaklinov submitted a proposal to improve the GUI on the Zcash Desktop Wallet project, and received some great discussion and feedback from our friends at IDEOCoLab.

Abolish the BitLicense

Theo Chino submitted a rather lofty proposal to abolish the New York State BitLicense. There has been no public discussion yet, but I personally appreciate the gusto here.

And Many More, All Still Open for Public Discussion!

While the Foundation is no longer accepting new proposals, these (and all other) proposals are still open for discussion until their final proposal documents are submitted by October 6th. The Grant Review committee would love to hear from Zcash users and the public at large—please add your voice and comments here!

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