Foundation Update for July 2017

Hi everyone,

This is just a short post to update you on the goings-on of the Zcash Foundation in the past couple of months. We have been steadily making progress on setting up the organization and starting projects.

How to talk with us and be involved.

First off, a couple quick notes on how to reach us.

Welcome Yan Zhu as the fifth member of the Zcash Foundation board

Yan Zhu is a long time developer and supporter of online privacy and privacy enhancing technologies. She was one of the original developers of Secure Drop, and is currently a Technologist Fellow at Electronic Frontier Foundation, and also currently works at Brave as a senior software engineer.

Job posting: a part-time Senior Project Manager.

We’ve posted a Job description for a project manager to help push forward Foundation projects.

Working Groups

We’ve set up a working groups structure, as a way of defining projects and coordinating volunteers. You could propose a working group today. Github issues are a good way to start a discussion about project ideas.

Paige from the Zcash company has been leading the first working group, on “Privacy Preserving Donations for Non-profits”

Administrative updates

  • We filed our 1023 form to apply for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.
  • We have posted all of our board meeting minutes, and board decisions made over email:
  • I have been holding an “office hours” hangout roughly once a week (Fridays at 12pm central time) mostly to give a status update and get some work done. Let me know (on the rocket chat) if you’re interested in being invited.

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