Farewell Jane

Jane joined the Foundation last June, and, over the past nine months, she has applied her deep Rust expertise to the Zebra project, helping lay a solid foundation for the rest of the Zebra team to continue building upon. Beyond her technical contributions, she was a fun and supportive teammate and is clearly a top-notch cat parent!

During her time with the Foundation, Jane remained an active member of the Rust open source community, spending her free time contributing to the Rust project, leading the error handling project group, and mentoring new Rustaceans through awesome-rust-mentors. Recently, her efforts were recognised by her peers when she was invited to join the board of the Rust Foundation as the project director of collaboration.

Her expertise was also recognised by a company who have recruited her to lead a new open source team that will contribute to the Rust project. While we’re sad that Jane is leaving us, we’re simultaneously happy that she has found a job where she will get paid to do the things that she was doing in her free time!

Thank you Jane for your contributions to the Foundation’s work, and for helping level up the Zebra team’s Rust skills. We wish you all the best for the future!