Zcash Community Advisory Panel

The Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP) is a panel of community members established by the Zcash Foundation (ZF) as a means of soliciting advisory input from the Zcash community.


ZCAP was originally formed in 2018. It has been repeatedly expanded, and, as of June 2024, there are 191 members from across the Zcash community.

Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP)

Since its inception, ZF has solicited ZCAP’s advisory input on the appointment of the Zcash Foundation board of directors, and on questions ranging from whether Zcash should move to an ASIC-resistant consensus algorithm to what the short- and long-term priorities for Zcash should be. The ZCAP also played a key role in the governance process that resulted in ZIP 1014, which established the Dev Fund and the Zcash Community Grants program, and the Zcash Community Grants committee is elected by ZCAP.

The Zcash Foundation is committed to making the ZCAP more independent and representative of the Zcash community. Over time, we have expanded the eligibility criteria for ZCAP membership, including criteria that were suggested by members of the Zcash community.