The Zcash Foundation Welcomes A New Core Engineer

The Zcash Foundation is elated that Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho is joining us as a Core Engineer.

Janito has been a professional software developer for the last ten years. He is passionate about using the Rust programming language. This passion started three years ago while he was writing test software in Rust at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory. He subsequently worked at Mullvad VPN, helping develop the client application so that more people can strive to have privacy as a universal right. He is now eager to dive into Zcash to learn more about zero-knowledge cryptography.

Janito would not have been able to get where he is today without the help of open source software and open access to information. That is why he is happy to continue working on open-source software, so that there is more source code available for people to learn from.

Additionally, he is very excited to continue to work on providing privacy to individuals so that more people can use technology to have the opportunity to fearlessly study and communicate anything, and more generally, to interact in any way they want to.