Grant Spotlight: Help Zcash UX, Get Help from IDEO CoLab

The Zcash Foundation Grant Program “Call for Proposals” (CFP) is in full swing, and we’d like to take a chance to talk about the many opportunities to improve the Zcash ecosystem. You can see a full (editable, if you have a great idea worth contributing!) wiki of ideas here.

Today we’d like to take a moment to highlight an issue core to every cryptocurrency: User Experience (UX). Simply put, UX is generally poor in cryptocurrency—especially in younger, bleeding-edge ecosystems like Zcash’s. For details of where we can improve, Zcash Company did an excellent preliminary survey of UX in the ecosystem, which you can read here. There are concrete avenues to explore to overcome these challenges, which they detailed here.

…and yes, further research and actionable improvements to Zcash UX are great ideas for Grant projects! So much so that our good friends at IDEO—the world-renowned design firm—have generously offered to help accepted Grant projects that focus on UX in Zcash and cryptocurrency. Proposing a project to help educate users on Zcash in an novel way? Maybe you’re thinking of building a new GUI for Zcash wallets? Or want to build an interface for the (just released) XCAT ZEC/BTC cross-chain atomic swap project? If your UX-focused Grant is selected, IDEO CoLab will provide design/product mentorship and guidance for a better user experience. And that’s above and beyond the ZEC the Zcash Foundation will supply selected Grants.

You can find more details about IDEO and their support of the Zcash Foundation Grant Program on their post here. If you have a great Grant idea, please submit it here!

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