There are so many ways to get involved in the Zcash community! 



Zcon is the annual Zcash conference, which is organized by the Foundation.

This event highlights the importance of not only the development, research and technology of Zcash, but also the vibrant community and ecosystem that is being built around the protocol.

Zcon Voices

Our goal for Zcon Voices is to provide a venue and a platform for regional-specific conversation and education about strong use cases for Zcash and financial privacy. Conferences will be contextualized—organized by local groups, presented in the local language, and will focus on local opportunities and relevant challenges.

A/V Club

We are a global collective of content creators who care about privacy, Zcash, and building community. Together we will build a space to share information, skills and resourcesto aid production and publishing of content that covers the topics we care about. We want stories told by the people who are closest to the action, sharing their passion and lived experiences to bring privacy education and Zcash to every part of the world.

Community Calls

These calls feature guest speakers across a range of technical and privacy-related topics as well as discussions with grantees funded by Zcash Community Grants.

Arborist Calls

The Zcash Arborist Calls are bi-weekly protocol development meetings focused on tracking upcoming protocol deployment logistics, consensus node implementation issues, and protocol research.