Addressing the Zcash Community Grants Seat Vacancy: Welcome, Cody!

A few weeks ago, Hudson Jameson announced his decision to step down from the Zcash Community Grants Committee (ZCG). In light of Hudson’s departure, and to facilitate staggered elections for the ZCG Committee, the Zcash Foundation opened nominations, inviting Zcash community members to stand for election to the ZCG committee. We would like to thank DontPanicBurns, Angst01, CuriousCoffee, Pkr and Tokidoki for taking the time and initiative to participate in this election. 

After the nominations deadline, the Foundation organized a community call where the five candidates introduced themselves and answered questions that were suggested by the Zcash community forum members. Following the community call, the Foundation polled the Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP) to select Hudson’s replacement on the ZCG Committee.

The results were as follows:

We would like to congratulate Cody Burns for his election to the Zcash Community Grants committee. Professionally, Cody is an enterprise blockchain architect at a professional technology consulting firm where he focuses on multi-party systems, digital identity, and works on implementing zero-knowledge systems at scale. Cody has worked with distributed systems since the early 2000’s in the US military (leaving government service in 2009) and he has worked publicly with cryptocurrencies since 2014. Cody is currently a board member of the Ethereum Classic cooperative and a participating member of the Ethereum Enterprise alliance. Cody’s stated motivation for candidacy in the ZCG committee is to advance projects which are legitimate in business purpose, technical aptitude, and are an advancement to the Zcash ecosystem. Cody is familiar with the needs and requirements of enterprise blockchain and security considerations and he views Zcash as being at the bleeding edge of distributed systems funding. All of us at the Foundation are looking forward to working with Cody.

At the same time, the Foundation would like to thank Hudson for his contributions to Zcash. Hudson is a talented individual who has played an active role within the Zcash ecosystem, sitting on the ZCG committee (previously known as the Zcash Open Major Grants) for two terms. Hudson has been instrumental in helping the committee form and we look forward to his continued engagement in the Zcash ecosystem.

The Foundation would also like to thank all ZCAP members that participated in this election process. This poll had the highest turnout (92%) of any ZCAP poll to date, and we hope we can continue this trend as we work to expand the ZCAP.